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Drawing in Space | Monika Grzymala ‒ Monitor

Drawing in Space | Monika Grzymala

Exploring the possibilities of creating something different, something new, and something so captivating by using nothing other than tape, the Polish artist, Monika Grzymala filled galleries around the world with her amazing art.

Using different kinds of tape, from packing, masking, adhesive, and many others, the artist creates three-dimensional drawings with the interior space of galleries. Her pieces change from one space to another therebymaking her art more site-specific. Her drawings travel in space; not limiting herself to one dimension, the artist follows the different configurations of rooms and spaces.

Grzymala’s works explore the basics of line; they travel around corners projecting outwards into space. By measuring her art in kilometers of line, she hints the time and effort used to produce such impressive installations. “Time is a very important component of my work. The pieces are all like time capsules.” Gryzmala explains.

Her very dynamic and forceful pieces are eventually taken to pieces, and they can only exist as photographic images for future references. “Whenever I leave a work, I feel as if I leave a part of me, a part of my body behind… there’s a connection – an invisible line from Berlin to London to New York,” says Gryzmala.