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Jo Goes Music Video | Shai Langen ‒ Monitor

Jo Goes Music Video | Shai Langen

Jo Goes’ new music video named ‘Run away‘ was recently released on internet. The video comprised of painted human bodies in black and white dripping paint with a splotchy pattern as envisioned by Shai Langen, a material designer from Amsterdam.

The latest music video of Jo Goes has been pictured on human figures completely lathered in paint. The new thing in the video is that the paint used on the bodies isn’t dry. The dripping paint makes sure that even a slight movement of the body causes an alteration from the original design thus forming various compositions in each frame.

This inherent liquid property creates a spectacular vision and it appears as if the paint is alive and moving of its own accord, thus creating unprecedented but still impressive compositions. Langen has played with the form, texture and ever-changing dripping properties of non-mingling paint to create a breath taking video.

The video reveals different motion of body in a sustained fashion, trying to keep suspense while still showcasing the gleaming paint and its form. The zoomed in camera angle gradually captures and displays different parts of human anatomy ultimately focusing on the innovative rectangular headpiece that conceals the head and neck of human body.

According to Langen, “The human body is a central theme to my work, wherein I’m more often looking for a state between liquid and solid. Where the body loses its archaic form and is able to transform into new ones. The dichotomy between the synthetic and the organic plays together with this idea.”

The material used to lather the bodies is actually a mixture of acrylic paint and wallpaper pate thus ensuring that colors don’t intermingle while controlling the dripping rate thus making it look even more majestic and wondrous