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NARTARCHITECTS proposes glossy cube on crater for csontváry museum in hungary ‒ Monitor

NARTARCHITECTS proposes glossy cube on crater for csontváry museum in hungary

tivadar csontváry kosztka is said to be one of the greatest hungarian painters, not only known for his great technical skills and his importance in the development of art but also acknowledged as a herald of an important spiritual message by his contemporaries. also, his teachings about humanity and nations as a cosmic creature transcended through is lifetime and provided others with broad interpretations for future generations. honoring him, NARTARCHITECTS has proposed a museum placed on a crater.

budapest-based NARTARCHITECTS studio’s primary objective is to implement, create, and design exclusive contemporary architectural projects within high-level requirements. when developing the proposal for the csontváry museum in hungary they asked themselves about the main message they wanted to transmit and the location that could fit it the most, as they believe this artist is a unique person and they should avoid ending up with just another gallery. they aimed to find a place to set the structure that could represent the legend, to where culturally-curious people would want to travel to.

opposed to the ‘plaza-museum’ strategy, they searched for a site that is interesting and symbolic enough to become a pilgrimage destination. in the outskirts of pécs, next to a lake in a crater of a former coal mine, NARTARCHITECTS found a dramatic ambience that suits the museum. the atmosphere of the building is created by the contrast of an enclosed dark core and a floating, sun-drenched communication system. this tension applies to the structure too: the ferroconcrete heart of the building is surrounded by the lighter steal lead bearing structure.