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the halo: AE superlab plans a glowing superstructure that offers thrill rides + views of NYC ‒ Monitor

the halo: AE superlab plans a glowing superstructure that offers thrill rides + views of NYC

collaborative design studio AE superlab has been commissioned to develop plans for a bold structure that would serve as a new landmark along new york’s famous skyline. the proposal has been termed ‘the halo’, forming a transparent lightweight building positioned on top of penn station. the development, which climbs to a total height of 1200 feet (360m), would be constructed from 17,000 tons of steel.

AE superlab has equipped the structure with 11 rides that each offer different degrees of intensity — catering to the needs of both thrill-seekers and sight-seers. consequently, visitors can take in panoramic views at almost three times the height of the london eye, or free fall more than twice as far as the next tallest attraction of its kind. according to the design team, the ‘tower ride’ will be the world’s biggest and fastest.

the structure also serves as the city’s largest and most visible interactive display, programmed to show a range of information driven by various data-sets. themes change frequently and viewers are able to interact with the display via web and mobile applications. examples of the interactive displays include: live polling on city relevant issues; weather and environmental updates; and live feedback from sporting events.

anyone can come and experience new york city like never before,’ says quin checketts, S&S ride engineer. ‘if you want to leisurely rise high above the big apple to get the best cityscape view you’ve ever had, there are gondolas designed just for you. if you are feeling like you could use a little natural stimulation and want to feel a little speed and G-force, we’ve got that as well.’