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This Hidden Architectural Gem is Designed to Be Discovered by Alpine ‒ Monitor

This Hidden Architectural Gem is Designed to Be Discovered by Alpine

Brass, black steel and glittering lights line this other-worldly nightclub in Pamplona, Spain. The Canalla Disco might as well be serving up drinks on Coruscant, much less the old city of bull-running fame. Canalla Disco is the design craftwork of Vaillo+Irigary, a Spanish architecture firm that spared no imaginative expense in building this futuristic lounge. From its entrance to its gold-clad seating, it’s one of the most remarkable nightclub designs we’ve seen in 2015.

From the street, Canalla Disco has a subtle, unobtrusive appearance. A pair of descending stairways invite guests from either side of a the rectangular entrance. The moment a guest crosses the threshold into these staircases, the design begins to reveal itself. Undulating gold chain walls curve beneath the rigid black ribs of the entrance roof. This geometric entryway hints at the eye candy within, but it’s enough to celebrate on its own.

Inside, the design of the Canalla Disco presents hard contrasts between bright, glittering gold and pitch black steel. The brass-lined lounge seating areas are striking and vivid, while the darker areas of the nightclub provide privacy in plain sight. The result is a futuristic appearance, eye candy for an image-conscious guest, a space that inspires an emotion long before the music begins.